Thursday, March 26, 2015

Golden foxxier - Weston, MA

The extremely rare golden foxxier
So you've heard all about Coal, my rescue dog, in at least two prior posts (here and here).  He certainly lights up my life if not that of Haifa, my 12-year old deaf, half-blind and very confused purebred labrador. The kids love him.

When I got Coal from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, he was described as a 2-3 year old lab-husky mix. The local vet already discounted the 2-3 year part--he is at most 18 months old now (likely only a year when I got him). Then I heard about canine breed DNA testing, and I decided to see what really went on in his past. I was pretty confident of the labrador diagnosis, but the husky seemed a bit far-fetched--yes, he has a curly tail, but after that, not much husky.

Three weeks ago, I sent away two cheek swabs and $75 to test Coal. Yesterday I got the 11 page report by email. I have a dog with a mix of golden retriever, American foxhound and Parson Russell terrier, also known as a Jack Russell. And a whole lot of other mix in there too.  So mixed that the DNA tester obviously gave up and started chucking wacky possibilities like dogo argentino and another fox terrier breed at me. They showed five other possible breed matches--none of them labrador or husky. Note that the DNA testing is only capable of looking up to great-grandparents. 

Wisdom Panel for Coal

The bottom line is I don't really care what he is. Perhaps the foxhound explains the tracking he does in the woods (NINE deer in my yard this morning), the curvy tail and the baying-bark he does. Perhaps the Jack Russell explains the two-paw pouncing and digging at disgusting stuff in the woods. And the eating of dead rodents. The golden can only be seen in the shape of his head and snout; certainly not in his shiny black coat and short fur. He is extremely affectionate and great with kids but personally I don't think that has anything to do with breed. He is, and I mean this in the greatest, most complimentary way possible, a mutt. A Tennessee mountain mutt.

I started calling him a golden foxterrier which a friend shortened to a golden foxxier, which should be pronounced like the French do: "Fox-ee-ay". After all, we do not want to be left out of all the goldendoodle, cockapoo, whoodle, labradoodle fun. If those folks have purebred dogs, so do I. A purebred golden foxxier. Limited (as in neutered) edition. 

Now to petition the AKC...

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